Page-less CRM Dialogs

Normally CRM won’t allow you to create a dialog without pages. This is probably because the value of a user input form without any actual way to input something is pretty limited.

However there are circumstances where a page-less dialog could be useful:

  1. The dialog contains some common logic used by other dialogs (as a linked dialog), these actions require no user input, so it doesn’t make sense to show the user a blank page when this logic is performed.
  2. As  a link, e.g: The end user has a phone call open, they are going to have conversation with a contact, update the contact record and close the phone call.
  • They will update the contact record by running through a dialog.
  • It therefore makes sense to have that dialog on the contact record.
  • It would be better for the user to just run the dialog from the phone call and not open the contact record.
  • A page-less dialog on the phone call as a header could be used to link to the phone call, without making the user click through an empty page.

If we take the second case as an example normally CRM will prevent a page-less dialog as shown below.

If you were to add a prompt & response directly after the link the validation will again prevent you from publishing.

Fortunately the validation can be side stepped, by using stages. In the example below the dummy page is never reached, the validation doesn’t pick this up and will let you publish. This can also be achieved by placing the dummy page within conditional branches that are never reached.

When the phone call dialog is run it goes straight to the pages of the contact dialog.

Now, this does feel a bit like abusing a bug in the validation system (which may be ‘fixed’ in the future, even though it is a feature I would like to keep) so keep that in mind when using this approach. But in any case it’s a useful trick to know.


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