The CRM 2011 Sales Module in 10 Bullet Points

So here’s the sales module described in 10 bullet points.

  1. CRM models a sales pipeline as follows:
    1. Leads are created (which can be converted from other records such as an email) this models an opportunity to sell.
    2. Leads are qualified into an opportunity (which can also create contacts and accounts). The opportunity is populated with products and price lists.
    3. Quotes are added to a lead, where adjustments can be made. Once ready a quote is activated
    4. Orders are created from an activated quote once it has been accepted by the customer.
    5. Invoices are created from orders that have been fulfilled.
  2. Configuration records for the sales pipeline are; product, price list, unit, unit group, discount, discount list and pricing option.
  3. With competitor tracking, it is possible to find competitors and analyse their sales strategies, their products, and what contracts they win.
  4. The sales pipeline can be used to assign quotas to system users and track targets.
  5. A sales literature item is the basic unit of the marketing encyclopaedia. For example, a business unit might decide to have an article about a specific product.

Want to know more about sales in 13 minutes and 35 seconds?


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