CRM 2011 Programatically Finding the Values of Picklists, Optionsets, Statecode, Statuscode and Boolean (Two Options)

When developing for CRM 2011 I’m pretty much always going to be setting the values of picklists (local and global optionsets), statecodes, statuscodes and booleans (two options) – the sorts of fields I’m talking about here are the ones highlighted in orange below. Usually I will know the label off the top of my head but I don’t always have the actual number value which is required to set the attribute correctly.

So usually I will open CRM up or use a metadata browser to find the actual value and then just hardcode it in – I don’t expect the optionset to change and if it does I will probably have to revisit the code to change more than just a hardcoded value.

However sometimes I cant be arsed with all that, sometimes I do need to find the value dynamically for a variety of reasons, e.g. laziness, convenience or occasionally an actual real requirement for it.

In any case here’s a function that when given an entity name and attribute name will return a dictionary of string labels (user localised) and corresponding int values. I won’t bother to go into any great detail on the code, but basically it just issues a RetrieveAttributeRequest, checks the AttributeType on the RetrieveAttributeResponse and then builds the dictionary.

static Dictionary<String, int> GetNumericValues(IOrganizationService service, String entity, String attribute)
    RetrieveAttributeRequest request = new RetrieveAttributeRequest
        EntityLogicalName = entity,
        LogicalName = attribute,
        RetrieveAsIfPublished = true

    RetrieveAttributeResponse response = (RetrieveAttributeResponse)service.Execute(request);

    switch (response.AttributeMetadata.AttributeType)
        case AttributeTypeCode.Picklist:
        case AttributeTypeCode.State:
        case AttributeTypeCode.Status:
            return ((EnumAttributeMetadata)response.AttributeMetadata).OptionSet.Options
                .ToDictionary(key => key.Label.UserLocalizedLabel.Label, option => option.Value.Value);

        case AttributeTypeCode.Boolean:
            Dictionary<String, int> values = new Dictionary<String, int>();

            BooleanOptionSetMetadata metaData = ((BooleanAttributeMetadata)response.AttributeMetadata).OptionSet;

            values[metaData.TrueOption.Label.UserLocalizedLabel.Label] = metaData.TrueOption.Value.Value;
            values[metaData.FalseOption.Label.UserLocalizedLabel.Label] = metaData.FalseOption.Value.Value;

            return values;

            throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException();

Then it’s pretty straight forward to use the label as a key to get the int value:

OptionSetValue optionSetValue = new OptionSetValue(GetNumericValues(proxy, "new_test", "new_local")["One"]);

So using the entity shown in the image, I can get all values for the various types of fields.


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