Simplicity – A Handy URL Tool for MSCRM 2011

I often have a situation where I have a record ID and need to open the record form, and the opposite where I have the recordĀ form open and I need the ID. Usually I can do both of these by messing around with the URL of a form, however that can be quite longwinded.


To that end I have created Simplicity, a small tool which performs two basic actions:

1. Stripping the IDs out of MSCRM record URLs – useful when have a record open and you want to know its decoded ID.
2. Building a URL to open a record – useful when you have the ID and you want to open the form in CRM.

License under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 and available for download here.


Determination – An IronPython Script Tool for MSCRM 2011

Determination is a light weight IronPython scripting tool specifically setup for MSCRM 2011.


Determination is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

You can download Determination here. To run; download, unblock the zip, unzip the zip and run the application.

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