Determination – An IronPython Script Tool for MSCRM 2011

Determination is a light weight IronPython scripting tool specifically setup for MSCRM 2011.


Determination is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

You can download Determination here. To run; download, unblock the zip, unzip the zip and run the application.

When working with CRM I occasionally have to perform an action which is awkward with the standard user interface – basically something I would rather write code to do, e.g: exporting lots of solutions, research & development, prototyping or changing a setting.

Usually I would fire up Visual Studio and write some C#, however that can be long winded in some situations and sometimes it seems overkill for something I know will only be a couple of lines of code.

So I wanted a scripting tool, something which was; quick to install, light weight, easy to use, fairly robust, relatively pretty and setup for CRM – Determination is that tool.

Determination can be roughly described as a WPF application wrapping an IronPython interpreter using Avalon UI controls shipping with the MSCRM SDK assemblies. The interpreter allows you to write IronPython script, the Avalon UI controls provide a decent development environment (line numbers, word wrap, code highlighting, window movement, etc) and the assemblies mean you don’t have to download them yourself on each new environment.

I’ve also include a couple of code examples to get you going and ease development. I would suggest starting with one of the examples, in theory you should be able to just enter a valid connection string in the [Add connection string here] bit and run the code to get a result.


If you use Determination, I would be very pleased to hear how you get on.


3 thoughts on “Determination – An IronPython Script Tool for MSCRM 2011

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