CRM 2011 Rollup 15 and JavaScript Asynchronous Load Order

Those us who use multiple independent JavaScript web resources found that rollup 12 changed the way these were loaded. In particular that they loaded asynchronously and (most importantly) in no particular order. This meant that if you had file A which was dependent on some function in file B. If file A loaded before file B loaded, then file A would throw ‘”something” is undefined’ errors. The behaviour (and fixes) is expanded on in these posts: CRM 2011 Polaris Asynchronous Javascript Loading and Asynchronous loading of JavaScript Web Resources after U12/POLARIS.

At the time I struggled to find an official release from Microsoft commenting on this change – it seemed like a breaking change that caused issues in a number of deployments so I was surprised this wasn’t sign posted more explicitly (maybe I missed something in the release notes :|).

In any case it appears this may now be changing – at least in respect to load order. In the release notes of Rollup 15 under ‘Issues that are resolved in Update Rollup 15 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011’ there is this little nugget:

Loading order of web resource script files is not respected after Update Rollup 12.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what this means and what change will occur, however it definitely suggests that the load order will now be respected (even if they do load asynchronously), which seems like a good thing.


Rockstar 365 – I don’t really get it (yet?)

I’ve recently started using Rockstar 365 which is all about scoring and ranking the best Microsoft professionals on the planet.

So initially I thought this sounded like quite a cool concept; you make a profile, add some project experience, blog/twitter links, exams and certificates, then go to sleep. You wake up the next day and hopefully you will have a rank respectable enough it doesn’t immediately send you scrambling to find the delete button.

As of writing I am currently #27 in the UK – first thoughts? I’m pretty great. 😛

However this immediately raises a few questions, primarily what does the 27 mean? 27th most experienced? Most valuable? Most skilled? Most certificated?

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IronPython CRM 2011 Script for Checking Entity Audit Settings

Recently I needed to compare three different environments to see which entities were being audited. In the interests of making a boring task into an interesting task I decided to do this with an IronPython script.

I did this using Determination my IronPython/CRM 2011 tool, when given a connection string this will run through every entity in the environment letting you know which entity is being audited and which is not.

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