Bench Update with Offline Tools

I’ve updated Woodswork Bench. Along with some visual stuff, it now also hosts my offline tools:


  • Simplicity; built for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 this tool provides Guid Mining, and URL Building services.
  • Determination; a light weight IronPython scripting tool specifically setup for Microsoft Dynamics 2011, however it suitable for use with any .Net assemblies and MSCRM version.

Check it out here.


Using the CRM Audit Log to Rollback Records

Argh! Someone has done something and something is ruined! Fortunately someone only changed records in CRM, and even better audit logging was enabled. You can now use the web service SDK to analyse changes that have occurred, you can then use this information to perform the opposite action and roll back changes.

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CRM 2015 Building Action Links (or how a URL can change records in CRM)

I was looking for an easy way to allow a user to perform an action in CRM by opening a hyper link. The idea being the URL can be embedded in an email, SMS, or anything else, and simply opening the URL allows the user to perform an action in CRM (without having to actually use the full CRM interface).

I cobbled together this proof of concept which chains together a couple of components to create an “Action Link”.

aciton url process

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