CRM 2013 Adding an On Change Event to a Grid View

Occasionally I’ve been asked how to add an on change event to a grid view, similar to an on load or save event, which will allow a developer to add some code to the page. As far as I know there is no “out of the box” supported way to do this, however I had a bit of brain wave this week and realised its possible with a ribbon (command) button (without using any unsupported customisations).


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Want to edit the CRM 2011 Ribbon?

If you have ever had to edit the CRM 2011 Ribbon by hand you have probably come close to considering a change in career. Fortunately your worries are over; Scott Durrow at Develop1 has created a really impressive editor – Ribbon Workbench.

I cannot recommend it highly enough, it has a wide range of features, can handle complex buttons such as flyouts, allows easy editing and layout, binds to web resources and basically removes any need for hand editing. He has also published a set of blog posts and articles to describe its usage.

Get it here.